Citycamp Delftse Hout


Delft is the city of beautiful preserved history and culture, from Delftware, Orange and Vermeer. But also the city of shopping, nightlife, romantic sleep overs, cozy terraces and Burgundian meals and drinks.

Historical centre

Delft is known for her historical centre. Delft got it’s municipal law in 1246. The middle ages structure is in the old centre still recognizable everywhere. In the Golden Era Delft was a rich merchant city with famous scientists and painters like Johannes Vermeer. This past resurrect due to the canals, bridges, elegant patrician homes, big churches, courtyards and small alley.


Delft is know worldwide because of it’s Delftware, an age-old tradition. As base of the Dutch East India Company, Delft got its hands on the Chinese porcelain. Hereby inspired Delftware was developed, which is still hand made.

Orange city

The city has a special bond with the Dutch Royals. Delft and the Royals are connected for centuries. In the city you can see the history that Delft and the Royals share together.

Cozy centre

Beside all the history Delft also have a very nice and cozy centre. There are lots of nice shops, galleries, studios, cafés and restaurants with nice terraces. Also the market, the colorful flower market and the flee market beside the canals are great for the atmosphere.

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